Women’s Health: Cancer survivor shares her story on cancer fighting and prevention tips

The word ‘cancer’ alone evokes feelings of stress, anxiety and fear all at once. On the other hand, surviving cancer allows a person to better appreciate and understand the broader scope of their health. It becomes even more important to talk about women’s health and focus on overall health awareness, especially among women.

Early detection of cancer, whether it is breast cancer, cervical cancer or any other type that occurs in women, is one of the best ways that you can treat it quickly and well. Suman Singh, a breast cancer survivor, shares her expertise and experiences on Koto, a women-only social community app. “In my experience as a cancer survivor, it is more important for people to be conscious of their health than to have conversations about this condition,” she says.

Suman Singh shares some methods that can help cancer patients fight the disease well and become victorious in their battle with cancer.

1. Pay attention to prevention measures: Although there are no vaccines for all types of cancer, cervical cancer can be prevented if one gets the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Other prevention measures include good personal hygiene and cleanliness of one’s environment.

2. Early detection of cancer: Regular medical checkups and health checkups are important to be able to detect any type of cancer in its early stages.

3. Safe sexual practices: If you practice safe sex, your chances of getting some types of cancer, such as cervical cancer, are reduced.

4. Keep an eye on changes in your body: Don’t ignore any changes in your body – if you notice anything different, get checked. For survivors, regular follow-up is very important to control and track recurrence.

Importance of communities for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers:

Cancer patients, caregivers and survivors look for information and support wherever possible, Singh explains, and my Koto community called “Your Healer” provides just that. Here, it includes survivor stories, expert interviews, Ask Me Anything sessions and discussions about different types of cancer. Cervical cancer, manifested. Such communities and cancer support groups help women get the right kind of support through both online and offline channels. For patients, survivor stories give them hope and for caregivers, finding support in such places helps them cope better. With tension.

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