The Secret to a Pregnancy Glow: 3 Essential Tips for a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care Routine

Radiant, glowing skin is a dream come true for many individuals. While the right cosmetics can certainly give glowing glowing skin, it all has to do with healthy lifestyle habits and a balanced skincare routine. Especially during pregnancy, many women experience glowing skin. While the glow is believed to be caused by the joy of the baby’s sex or pregnancy, there is, in fact, a medical explanation behind it.

Dr. Anu Sadashiv, B. Consultant reproductive medicine, obstetrics and gynecologists share the major fluctuations in hormones and blood flow, as well as other important changes in the body related to pregnancy, all of which contribute to healthy, glowing skin. Read an excerpt here:

Is there any secret behind pregnancy glow?

Hormonal Changes: Hormonal changes occur frequently during pregnancy. The skin appears brighter as a result of increased hormone production, giving the skin a glow. Hormones, especially estrogen, progesterone and human chorionic gonadotropin, are majorly responsible for glowing skin. When the concentration of these hormones increases in the body during pregnancy, it results in clearer skin and a pregnancy-like glow.

Improves blood circulation: Blood production in the body increases during pregnancy. The increased volume of blood is important to support the organs of the mother and the growing baby. With increased blood flow, the blood vessels dilate, causing the skin to turn pink and improve the complexion. Apart from this, high body temperature is also common in pregnant women, which again causes their faces to turn red.

Increase in Oil Production: Given hormonal fluctuations, some women’s sebum glands produce more oil. Especially if their skin is already in combination or oily, oil production increases during pregnancy. Additionally, increased blood flow can also cause increased oil secretion. This oil can make the skin bright and glowing. On the other hand, excessive sebum production can also potentially cause negative side effects like pregnancy acne.

Practice a Pregnancy-Safe Skin Routine

As a woman enters the pregnancy phase, many changes occur in her body. Apart from other body parts, the skin undergoes the most changes due to increased blood flow and hormonal fluctuations. While the glow you get during pregnancy is certainly welcome, women need to take care of their skin whether they experience that famous glow or not.

– It is important for moms-to-be to moisturize, hydrate, and cleanse their skin regularly. This will provide them relief from acne and other skin-related conditions during pregnancy.

Apart from this, it is also important to maintain proper water balance in the body. By doing this, toxic substances will be removed from the body and the complexion will become clear.

– Like water balance, maintaining a healthy sleep balance is equally important. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule promotes general health and healthy, glowing skin.

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