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New Delhi: India’s largest consumer electronics brand, Samsung has launched Crystal 4K Vivid, Crystal 4K Vision Pro and Crystal 4K Vivid Pro TV series at a starting price of Rs 32,990 with exciting cashback offers and no cost EMI up to 18 months. The 2024 Crystal 4K TV line-up comes with 4K upscaling, SolarCell Remote, Multi-Voice Assistant, Q-Symphony, and Crystal Processor 4K.

The new Crystal 4K Vivid, Crystal 4K Vision Pro and Crystal 4K Vivid Pro TV series will be available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch screens across online platforms and size.

The 2024 Crystal 4K TV series comes with features like Samsung TV Plus and a built-in IoT hub with Calm onboarding. The built-in multi-voice assistant allows consumers to enjoy a connected home experience using Bixby or Amazon Alexa.

The 2024 Crystal 4K TV series is powered by the 4K upscaling feature that enhances the quality of low-resolution content to match the higher resolution of a 4K display and deliver lifelike 4K picture quality. One Billion True Colors – With the brilliance of Percolor, Crystal Processor 4K and HDR10+, consumers can now enjoy better contrast with deeper darks and brighter lights. (Also read: Apple sent notifications about ‘mercenary spyware’ to users in 92 countries including India)

For a truly immersive content viewing experience, the Crystal 4K TV series features OTS Lite that allows consumers to feel on-screen motion as if it were real, with 3D surround sound created with two virtual speakers. Is. Adaptive Sound delivers an optimal sound experience by analyzing all content scene-by-scene in real time, making it more dynamic and enhancing the intended effects.

Additionally, the unlimited screen design provides a holistic, immersive viewing experience.

The 2024 Crystal 4K TV series also includes the Smart Hub, the central point of the smart home experience that ties together entertainment, ambient, and gaming options. It also comes with Samsung TV Plus service with 100 channels in India.

4K upscaling

Powerful 4K upscaling enables users to get up to 4K resolution for the content they love to watch. This feature represents a significant advancement in TV technology, enabling viewers to enjoy a better visual experience regardless of the resolution of the content they are watching. This is a key feature for those who want to get the most out of their 4K TV.

solarcell remote

The SolarCell remote can also be charged via indoor room light, completely eliminating the use of disposable batteries.

Multi-Voice Assistant

Newer TVs allow easy control with Bixby or Amazon Alexa. Both are built-in to provide advanced controls to deliver an enhanced entertainment experience for your connected home.

Crystal Processor 4K

Allowing users to experience every shade of color they desire in powerful 4K vision, the powerful Crystal Processor 4K precisely maps every shade of color with 16-bit 3D color mapping algorithms for lifelike 4K resolution. Analyzes various data to optimally optimize the picture. Adaptive 4K Upscaling. (Also read: Apple is full of jobs, the company will employ 5 lakh people in India)

ots lite

OTS Lite (Object Tracking Sound Lite) provides two virtual top speakers that allow consumers to feel the activities inside each scene. It features an object-tracking sound that tracks the movement of on-screen elements and produces sound in locations matching the content using multi-channel speakers, creating a dynamic 3D-like sound with Dolby Digital Plus. Experience is provided.


This intelligent feature allows the Samsung TV and soundbar to synchronize perfectly for an enhanced surround sound effect without muting the television speakers. Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature, which is unique to Samsung Crystal 4K TVs, synchronizes the TV’s built-in speakers with the soundbar, combining their outputs to create a richer, more comprehensive soundstage.

Gaming Features

A paradise for gamers, the 2024 Crystal 4K TV series comes with Auto Game Mode and Motion Accelerator, allowing faster frame transitions and low latency for the ultimate gaming experience.

Pricing and Availability

-Crystal 4K Vivid series starts at Rs 32,990 and is available on, and

-Crystal 4K Vision Pro series starts at Rs 34,490 and is available on and

-Crystal 4K Vivid Pro series starts at Rs 35,990 and is available on and

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